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For Your Customers` Sake, Be an Ethical Web Host
by Terri Wells | Published Feb. 15, 2006
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What does it mean to be an ethical web host? And why is this an area in which so many web hosts falter? Keep reading to find out why being an ethical web host makes good business sense.

Many colleges and universities offer classes on business ethics as part of their degree programs. Medical schools teach ethics as well, as a topic that has become even more important now with the advances in that field. You don't hear as much about web hosting ethics, but that does not mean it is less important.

After all, web hosting is a business like any other. And while you may not be talking about actual lives riding on your decisions, as doctors do, you are dealing with the lives of your customers' businesses -- and any problems in that area can still be pretty devastating. If you drop the ball here, you lose customers; and it is certainly possible to drop the ball so badly that you cause your customers to go bankrupt, something no reputable host wants to do!

There are some important points to keep in mind as to how you conduct your business, if you want to be known as an ethical web host. Fortunately, many of them involve common sense, as applied to the special situation of being a web host. Not  cheating your customers or lying to them about what you can do or are doing for them is pretty basic (though there have been cases of web hosts that failed to manage even that much).

If you think about it from your customer's perspective, it should be pretty clear what they want, and what you need to do to give them what they want. They are first and foremost concerned with their own businesses, and anything that has a negative impact on that business is to be avoided. Therefore, when they evaluate a web host, the following issues will crop up: performance, customer service, and security/privacy/trust. All three of these points are interconnected, and are made up of several sub-issues. I'll cover each of them in turn.

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