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What are Your Marketing Objectives?
by Lance Winslow | Published Sep. 25, 2006
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Does your small business have goals? Goals and objectives for how much its sales you wish to accomplish? If not, how can you adequately planned your marketing for your company? I guess what I am saying here is; If You Don't Know Where You're Going Any Road Will Take You There. Yes that is an old famous quote and know I did not make it up. Granted, however what are your marketing objectives? Do you have any?

Where do you want to go today? To effectively design a marketing strategy for your small business you need to have goals and objectives and you need to know exactly where you want to be and where you are now. You cannot design the perfect marketing strategy or implement it correctly unless you know what your objectives are.

There is of course such thing as dumb luck or beginner's luck, but I imagine if you are a small business owner you do not want to rely on luck alone. Why not take out a piece of paper right now and write down exactly what you want at of your business, what types of customers you want, how much money you want to make, how many new clients you want to have each week and how much you want each customer to spend on your business.

That's a start and I'm sure once you start you'll think of other goals and objectives that you would like to see in your business this year. So, go get a piece of paper and pencil and good luck. Consider this a 2006.

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