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Hurricane Marketing
by Lance Winslow | Published Sep. 25, 2006
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Have you heard of Hurricane Marketing yet? Well, that is because I just made it up. But let me explain to you what it is. You see, some marketing consultants talk about; The Perfect Storm of marketing. What they are saying is that smart marketing is really a multiplicity affect of all your combined marketing efforts; everything from signage and location to word of mouth Buzz and referrals. This makes a lot of sense right?

Sure it does, but let’s take this one step further and talk about the new paradigm of Hurricane Marketing; a flurry of marketing efforts and a storm surge of activity. The winds of change are upon us and we are talking a high-level category of strategic planning here. What we are talking about is the new innovative and future of Marketing; I call it Hurricane Marketing and you need this in your business to win markets, crush the competition and create change in your market sector.

You see the Hurricane Marketing Plan was born out of the ultra-successful Secret Bonzai and Blitz Marketing Plan, which I created in the late 1980s. Hurricane marketing is literally sending out teams of people to promote your product and service to every potential customer or client whether commercial or consumer and doing so at Soccer Fields, businesses and even homes. Blanketing the coastlines with a sea fury of Hurricane Force and the power of presence to drive your business to success. You will be hearing more about Hurricane Marketing in your future, but better get on the ball, as your competition will too. Consider all this in 2006.

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