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Consumer Buying Behavior and Manipulation
by Lance Winslow | Published Sep. 25, 2006
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We all know there are ways that that businesses use to manipulate our buying behavior to get us to buy more. We know there are many techniques and other stimuli, which affect us and we know that they are often employed in businesses.

Generally we accept this even if we actually stopped to think about it, we probably determine that it is inappropriate and somewhat unfair. Yet we all participate in the impulse shopping and it seems to make us feel good to buy things, as a reward for our labors, with the money we have made.

Did you know that certain music in stores will assist in helping retailers sell more. Certain room temperatures at retailers, bookstores, coffee shops, C-Stores will increase impulse buying, which are generally amongst the highest priced items and definitely the highest profit items.

Did you know that McDonalds use to have unpleasing colors in their furniture to help turn over the tables faster? Your mind did not enjoy those colors for long periods of time and so you left allowing for others to sit down. Today they want you to stay longer for the QSR to look busier and thus busy attracts more customers. Another reason why restaurants try to first sit people by the windows to make the place look busy so more patrons stopped at the café along Main St. USA.

These same techniques are not secret by any means and they are readily discussed in retailing textbooks, Restaurant training centers and Food Service industry magazines. It is in the hand books of most of America’s favorite chain restaurants have this in their management handbooks and manuals.

In prisons they have found that pink calms inmates and there is less civil unrest. It has been used in mental institutions and clinics for decades. Fire Truck studies show that Yellow is the fastest to be seen, red lights make people tense. Full moon nights any policeman will tell you, “it will be a long night.” Meaning more crime during those nights, sometimes up to three times as many calls and criminal events.

Did you know that businesses know all this and use signage in various colors to help them sell more and know they will sell more certain types of items on full moons, including alcohol? Interesting indeed, isn’t it? Think on it.

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